Sell My House Fast San Diego

Selling your home in the best of times can seem daunting, but when you need to sell quickly, it’s often a stressful endeavor that may not result in the market value of your home. There are a great many things that can go wrong during a fast sale, and in the end if you’re not selling to a reputable and established cash home buyer like CalHomeCo, you wont be doing yourself any favors.

Statistically only the stress of divorce or bankruptcy, or the death of a loved one increases stress levels more than the prospect of selling your home. We buy houses San Diego sellers want or need to liquidate quickly!


"Should I Sell My House Fast For Cash?"

This is a question we hear frequently, in person from our clients and in online forums as well. The answer is; maybe! Admittedly a fast cash sale is not always the best solution for everyone. Typically we hear this question asked in the context of a fast cash sale vs a 'traditional' listing with an agent, so that is what we will cover below in an attempt to simplify the advantages and disadvantages of each.​

A traditional sale with an agent:

  • Will often secure the highest sale price (if your home meets the criteria below)
  • Typically requires at least 45-60 days to market, find a qualified buyer, and close, which will require the home to be cleaned and staged, with multiple showings to prospective buyers
  • Typically requires closing costs paid by the seller equal to around 1-3% of the sale price ($5,000-$15,000 on a $500,000 sale)
  • Requires commissions to be paid to the buyer and listing agent, both paid by the seller, normally totaling between 5-6% of the sale price ($25,000-$30,000 on a $500,000 home)
  • Is subject to an agreement on the terms of possession and closing, settled between the requirements of the buyer and seller
  • May require multiple attempts at closing, if buyers fall out of contract due to inspection findings, financing problems, or just changing their mind
  • Is typically the better option for an updated and well-maintained home, if the seller is willing to put in the time, effort, and money for a higher total sale price
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CalHomeCo Buys Houses offers complete brokerage services in partnership with The Henish Pulickal Team. If a traditional listing is best for your goals, we do that!

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A fast cash sale with a reputable cash home buyer:

  • Will secure a fair value for the home based on the 'as-is' condition of the property
  • Is flexible on closing time frames, closing as quickly as in 5 days if there is equity in the home, or extending the closing if that is the seller's preference
  • Requires no closing costs to be paid by the seller
  • Requires no commissions to be paid by the seller
  • Is extremely flexible, allowing the seller much greater leeway to set the terms of possession and closing
  • Will close on time as promised, with no buyer cancellations
  • Is typically the better option for a home in need of repairs and/or updates, or if the seller is wanting a much faster, simpler closing process with no additional fees
Which Solution Best Fits Your Goals?

A traditional sale with an agent may be the right solution if the highest possible sale price is your goal. This is an extensive, complex, and costly process however, and will be most effective for a home that shows very well (premium condition and recently updated). 

Often our clients are looking a fast, easy solution that allows them to walk away with cash in hand at a fair market value as soon as next week, rather than deal with the months of work and costly expenses of a traditional listing. This is an especially appealing option for a property that may need some repairs or updates to get it into showing condition, or if you need to stop foreclosure.

For more details or for help making the right decision for your goals, give us a call! Speaking or meeting with us to discuss your options is always free, and comes with no obligation to use any of our services.

Why CalHomeCo?

Able to Meet Tight Deadlines

Rather than worry about if a real estate agent will meet the demands of your tight deadline to sell your home fast, it’s a far better strategy to work with a reputable institution that has a proven record of closing quickly. CalHomeCo home buyers offer rapid turn around, so that when the clock is ticking we are more than capable of meeting your scheduling demands. Though you may have a real estate agent with a great track record who can sell homes like hotcakes, we have a solid reputation and the market data to prove our track record for buying and selling properties at a fast pace when our clients are on tight deadlines.​

Keep all the Cash

You have a great real estate agent, who is attentive and will help with just about anything to sell your home. But remember all of that attention comes at a high price; that means high commissions and high realtor fees when you are using their service. In the end, that is money that could be in your pocket. As a cash buyer, we are able to make rapid sales that put fair cash in your pocket faster, without incurring fees for real estate broker services. This makes transactions far less complicated as well as you can avoid cleaning, staging, showings, and marketing your property.​

No Chasing Buyers

If you’ve ever sold a home or have been in the market for purchasing one, then you already know deals sometimes fall through. Maybe the buyer had a change of heart, or slept over night and decided the home they loved at first sight just isn’t going to be home sweet home after all. It’s a stressful endeavor to sell your home fast under those conditions. But when you reach out to a cash buyer like CalHomeCo, you won’t need to worry about the purchase agreement collapsing. Our words and actions always align, and you can expect a fast sale and purchase with our team. Sell your house fast, San Diego homeowners.  

Why Hire Us

San Diego can be a tough real estate market. That’s why using an institution like CalHomeCo home buyers is a great strategy. When you’re on a deadline to sell your home fast or stop foreclosure, you can ill-afford the delays of months and maybe years that it sometimes takes for sellers to find a buyer for their property. CalHomeCo can close on your timeline at a fair price, and will always make your goals and needs a priority. We value our clients and reputation at a premium, as we know that's what keeps us in business. We've been called in countless times at the last minute when less reputable or less experienced buyers have been unable to perform on a contract. When we meet with you and establish a plan, walk through the property, and present our fair cash offer, rest assured we will do our part and close as promised. Call us when you're ready to say, 'I need to sell my house fast'. San Diego is our favorite place to live and invest, and we're eager to help. We buy houses San Diego sellers want to move FAST and with no hassles.