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Sell a Rental Property

Whether you own one rental property or ten, property is typically considered to be a great investment and there are a great many advantages to ownership. Not only are you the boss and you get to decide what happens to your property, you also have the potential for earning profit from it. This can happen from either rental fees or from selling your property when the market value is high.

We buy houses all across the San Diego region. When you connect with us we we will evaluate your single family or multi family unit properties, and negotiate a fair market price.

Less Hassle

When you own rental properties, it means you’re the boss. You are responsible for not just property maintenance and repairs, but also taxes and insurance. These issues can cause a great deal of stress. Owning rental properties is not a 9-5 job. Problems can happen at any time and create continuous headaches. This is especially true if you have tenants that may be delinquent with rental payments, or every year your taxes are increasing to astronomical amounts. From leaky faucets and broken light fixtures, rental properties are a big responsibility that can ratchet up your level of stress, and you may find that owning even one is not worth the stress and sleepless nights.

Weak Rental Market

Maybe 10 or 15 years ago the rental markets were rock solid, and now you’re finding that with each passing year you have fewer and fewer viable tenant options. Or perhaps new tenants looking in your market area are not as responsible, or do not meet your criteria. In any case, you’re not earning the money you once were with your rental property. You might even see more money going out due to expenses such as maintenance, repairs and insurance, but there is very little coming in to make the effort worth continuing. Weak rental markets can significantly effect your property investment, and sometimes selling is the better option. CalHomeCo offers competitive offers to buy your rental property when you want it off your hands in an increasingly weak economy.


Free Up Cash

Investments serve the purpose of cash flow for rainy day circumstances, or when you've been strategic and you finally want to execute your plan. Perhaps your children are headed to college or you’re planning to retire and live on the profits from the sale of your properties. Or maybe you’re moving to sunnier climes and you just no longer want the responsibility, or you don’t have the energy to deal with rental properties any longer. When you call CalHomeCo, our offers to buy rental properties are fair and competitive and countless clients have used it as an opportunity to free up cash to move on with their life. We buy houses San Diego landlords no longer want or need. 

Why Hire Us

CalHomeCo is a trusted San Diego institution, selling and purchasing homes throughout Southern California. We make offers on all types of rental properties, whether single family or multi family units. You can expect a fast and efficient outcome to the purchase of your home, and a hassle free experience that has made us the go-to buyer of homes for countless clients. ​

We Love Taking on Problem Properties​

We specialize in the areas that other agents and investors avoid. If you have a property problem whether it be difficult tenants, extensive deferred maintenance, a sudden relocation, or just need fast cash for your property to put to use elsewhere, contact us today. We will be happy to discuss the available options to help solve whatever complications you're facing.