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We are here to help when you have received a notice of default, or a notice of trustee sale. We stop foreclosures San Diego homeowners may not otherwise have been able to avoid. It's easy to feel like foreclosure is something that happens to other people, but we are all closer than we would expect to hardship. A sudden loss of employment or injury/medical expense can set any of us back to where it is difficult to catch up again. Unfortunately, when this occurs it can be difficult to find a trustworthy professional to help. Homeowners facing foreclosure are a prime target for less reputable companies to target and take advantage. CalHomeCo provides property owners with solutions to avoid foreclosure. We offer free consultations and assistance to avoid foreclosure. This may be by selling or listing the property with us, but if it's through a solution that does not involve doing business with us that's fine as well. We are happy to help, to make new connections, and build relationships with homeowners in our community.


Stop Auction San Diego

We will help stop your home auction, whether it leads to business with our company or not

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Free, No Obligation Foreclosure Help

At CalHomeCo we take a unique approach to our business. Our #1 goal is always to help you accomplish yours, whether it results in a profitable business transaction for us or not. We firmly believe not only in just doing right by our clients, but that when we treat you right it will eventually come back around to us in repeat or referral business down the road.​

We stop, on average, 5-10 foreclosures every month in San Diego county. We do this for free, with no obligations attached. Our CEO and owner, Henish Pulickal, ran a lender foreclosure department through the 2007-2008 financial crisis. With his extensive experience in this field prior to starting CalHomeCo, combined with our extensive network of professionals and resources throughout southern California, we have unique access and insight to the options and strategies available to fight foreclosure. ​

When you contact us at 619-304-3776, let us know that you haven't decided to sell and that you would like to talk about your options first. Our promise to you is that we will work with you to save your home, will never pressure you to sell, and we will never ask for payment for this service. It is always valuable to us to meet new clients and build relationships. If we are able to stop the auction on your property, chances are that either now or later down the line you will know someone else that needs to buy or sell a home, or remodel. Hopefully if we have taken care of you and done what we promised, you'll remember us and give us a chance to earn that business. Our only other request may be for a review or testimonial, (like Richard's to the right), that we can use on this site.​

"Matt Gustavson is a wonderful young man so willing to help people with foreclosure challenges. He recently saved my home from the auction block by calling me after working hours with advice what action to take to save my house, we beat the foreclosure auction sale by 3 minutes. Matt is a true friend with a heart that is in the right place. I do recommend him very highly."​

-Richard T., Vista

How To Stop Foreclosure

If you are facing foreclosure but haven't yet decided to sell, you may have other options available. CalHomeCo offers completely free, no obligation consultations for our clients facing a notice of default or notice of trustee sale. Contact us today to learn more about what options may be available to you, or to get access to our network of resources and professionals that may be able to help. Generally there are 7 ways to address a foreclosure:

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Pay the Delinquent Balance

This one is the no-brainer. Obviously the best and simplest way to stop foreclosure is to pay the amount owed. If you have savings or you have friends or family willing to assist, contact your lender to obtain the most recent reinstatement balance and make that payment to get back on track. Typically however, once our clients are reaching out to us this is not an option that is available.

Loan Modification

Working out a loan modification agreement with your lender may be a good option if you fell behind due to a temporary hardship, such as a short term loss of income due to loss of employment, unexpected emergency expenses, or temporary health problems. Typically the lender will request documentation regarding the circumstances that cause the hardship, and will have specific guidelines for proof of income showing you can afford your payments going forward. If they approve your modification, the amount in arrears will be included in a restructured payment plan in addition to your existing mortgage. Depending how this agreement is structured, your payments may be higher than they were, or they may be temporarily lower and increase over time.


Filing for bankruptcy will typically grant a legally mandated stay on foreclosure proceedings while the filing is active. Under a bankruptcy filing, you will normally work with the bankruptcy court to structure a repayment plan for your mortgage and other debts. Again this can be a solid solution if you have faced a temporary hardship and can now get back on track with regular payments.

Equity Sale

Selling the property is sometimes the best way to avoid foreclosure. If you have equity in your home, a reputable cash buyer like CalHomeCo can provide a fast, simple sale and will have the flexibility to close as quickly or as slowly as best works for you. If your property is well-maintained and/or recently updated, and you are prepared for a few months of cleaning, staging, showings, and negotiations, a traditional sale marketed and coordinated by a real estate professional may net more proceeds in the end. CalHomeCo can assist with this as well as a full-service brokerage. If your home does not have equity, a short sale is normally still a far better option than foreclosure; see below.

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Short Sale

If your property lacks equity, you may still be able to sell via the process of a short sale. While this may sound no better than allowing the home to go to foreclosure, there are several large advantages. First, a short sale allows you to take a measure of control over the process. Rather than the bank telling you what's going to happen and when, you can manage the sale on your terms. A short sale often buys a seller several extra months during negotiations, rather than being evicted by a sheriff in a few weeks. As CalHomeCo purchases several properties via short sale every month, we are typically able to avoid a deficiency judgment on these sales as well. A deficiency judgment is when a home sells at auction for less than what is owed to the lender, the lender can continue to pursue you for the remainder of the debt. So even though you have lost the property, you still owe on the mortgage. A short sale will often prevent this. We are often able to gt relocation funds approved by the lender as well, to assist with the costs of finding a new residence. Often our clients are able to qualify to purchase a new home in as little as 2 years after a short sale, vs 7 years for a foreclosure.

Deed In Lieu

Deed in Lieu simply means that you agree to give the property back to the back rather than wait for the foreclosure process. They may or may not provide a few thousand dollars of relocation assistance in exchange for vacating the property. It is also up to the bank's discretion whether they will accept this offer- if they deem the value of the property is less than what is owed, a deed in lieu may be rejected.

Allow Foreclosure

Unfortunately, this is what happens with anywhere between 40 and 60 properties per month in San Diego county alone. Often there have been multiple postponements and delays on foreclosure dates, sometimes for years, and homeowners begin to feel a false sense of security that it will never actually happen. And then one day it does, and its too late for anyone to help. If you are facing foreclosure PLEASE get professional assistance somewhere, sooner rather than later. The longer these problems are avoided the worse they get. If no other solution is implemented the bank will foreclose, and in a matter of weeks there will be a sheriff at the door giving you 15 minutes to grab what you can and vacate the property. Please don't allow this to happen to you. Whatever the circumstances, there are better options available.

Avoid the Stigma of Foreclosure

It’s an “F” word that every homeowner wants to avoid, and a sale of your home is a legitimate path to avoiding foreclosure. Your home likely has a lot of great memories, and losing it can be heartbreaking. This is why so many homeowners decide to conduct a sale before the decision is out of their hands and taken over by the mortgage lender. We understand that life happens, and some of those circumstances often mean an inability to pay a mortgage. You will also likely face embarrassing signage of a public sale that the bank is required to place on your property. Everyone goes through hard times in life, and your bad patch doesn’t have to end in the worst case scenario of foreclosure. 

Less Hit to Your Credit Score 

There’s no doubt about it; your credit score will take a hit and plummet after so many months of mortgage nonpayment. But when you conduct a short sale versus allowing a foreclosure, you will likely spend far less time with a bad credit score. Many short sale scores are scrubbed after 7 years, but a foreclosure will remain on your credit history for 10 years. You can benefit a great deal in 3 years and have the opportunity to improve your credit score far sooner than if you needed to wait longer to do so because of a foreclosure. We are often also able to negotiate funds from your lender to help with relocation.

Bank Wins, You Win

Buying a home is one of life’s big events for many people, and when you stumble and falter into nonpayment of mortgage payments that leads to foreclosure, it can seem like the world is ending. But when you decide to conduct a short sale, it’s an alternative path for getting out of what is likely a very large debt. The bank now has an agreed-upon settlement price and in most cases cannot pursue you further for the remaining balance. It’s what could be a win-win situation for everyone involved, and a way to move out of debt payments that you can no longer afford. CalHomeCo Buy Houses offers fast selling and buying of homes in San Diego to lift the burden of your home from your shoulders.

Why Hire Us

We are a leading investment company that buys and sells homes in the San Diego region. When you’re in deep in the throes of financial woes, we offer a viable and hassle-free solution. CalHomeCo Buys Houses can provide you with advice and feedback for finding the right solution to avoid foreclosure on your home. We offer free consultations to any client that wants to learn more about their options. While we are investor cash buyers, if your goal is to stay in your home we will educate you on the options available with no obligation and at no cost to you. Aside from just being the right thing to do, our hope is that you will remember how we treated you and either refer us business in the future or simply leave us a nice review.