Sell Inherited Property San Diego

Your parents left you their home in San Diego, but you are already a property owner somewhere else and you’re not eager to keep it in the family. You’d rather sell and split the inheritance with your siblings.

These are situations that happen all the time; rather than putting the home on the market for what could seem like an eternity, we buy houses fast to get you the cash for its market value. We are a well established institution that provides an efficient alternative to selling and buying homes in San Diego.

Too Many Repairs To Keep It

A house you inherited is not always worth keeping as an investment. In the end it may cost you far more than it’s currently worth. Even if you conduct all the repairs it needs, it may still never earn you back what you have spent on repairs. It could take years and a great deal of patience to oversee a fixer-upper project and turn it into a profit. This is particularly true when you have other responsibilities that complicate your ability to manage oversight or repairs and maintenance. In the end, often the better strategy is selling inherited property and walking away with the cash to live your best life.  

Reduce Stress of Management 

You inherited a home that you never expected to receive, and now you’ve realized owning is causing a great deal of stress. Your elderly parents or aunt or uncles never wanted you to struggle with the house, and they likely thought that gifting you with it was far better than letting the state take it.

Many of our clients live outside of San Diego County, and the day to day management of another home that is far away from their primary residence is a headache. CalHomeCo has the resources to quickly buy and sell homes, and as an institution we are able to offer fair market value in cash for inherited homes.

CalHomeCo Buys Houses offers free, no obligation consultations if you just don’t know what to do with your property. With a broad array of experience in real estate, we’re confident you will walk away more knowledgeable about your options than before we met.

Too Many Back Taxes 

What may have at first seemed like a windfall can seem like a fleecing when you realize the house you inherited has back taxes that must be paid. It’s a financial responsibility that cannot be ignored without consequences, as the city government is willing to confiscate the home and auction it off to the highest bidder to reclaim taxes. Selling the home in this instance is a far better strategy, so that you are able to make some profit from the sale. CalHomeCo is prepared to make you a fair market value offer to buy your inherited home.  

Why Hire Us 

Perform any research into the sale and purchase of real estate and you will know that agents often receive 6 percent or more of the total sale price of a home. You can avoid these fees, as well as the drama of waiting for the house to sell, which can take many months to find a willing buyer for your inherited property. Accepting a cash offer is often a far better choice, with no fees or a commission. We offer clients a hassle free experience for the sale or purchase of their inherited home, so that you can move on with the rest of your life. ​

We Think of Solutions Other Agents and Investors Don’t​

One of our favorite phrases to hear from our clients is: ‘I never thought of that’. We specialize in finding flexible and creative solutions to real estate problems. Whether you are underwater on your mortgage, have back taxes or extensive deferred maintenance, liens on title, conflicts between multiple owners, or just want to hear what options are available for any property problem under the sun, we are here to help. Our promise to you is that we will always focus on your goal and a solution first. We never charge for our consultations, and we are regularly able to help homeowners out of tough spots regarding their homes. Please give us a call today, and we’d be happy to see if you might be a good candidate for us to work with!