The CalHomeCo Difference

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Free, No Obligation Solutions From Property Experts

Connection is Our #1 Goal

How is a homeowner supposed to know the best solution available for their goals, or even what options may be available? Real estate can be a complex industry! If there is an urgent need to resolve a problem, the information available can be especially confusing. Luckily, you’ve found San Diego’s top property solutions expert!

Much like a doctor, lawyer, ambulance driver or other specialist, CalHomeCo is the emergency solution expert for real estate problems. With extensive background and experience solving complex property issues, we are often contacted by even the most experienced outside agents, attorneys, and investors when they are stumped by a unique property problem.

Why Do We Work For Free?

We’re often asked by our clients, ‘what’s the catch?’, and understandably so. Like any business, we do need to earn money some of the time.

The answer is simple: relationships are key in this industry. It is always worth it to us to make a new connection, and do right by a client. When we help a homeowner stop a foreclosure on their home, aside from the satisfaction of doing the right thing we have developed a new relationship in our community.

If that homeowner later writes us a positive review, refers a friend or family member to us, or needs construction and renovation business from our partner CalHomeCo Construction, that is valuable to us. If they don’t that’s fine too! Our reputation is our lifeblood and because of this we will always put ourselves out there to help anyone that can use it.

Free Solutions

Whatever your questions, problems, or opportunities, we are always happy to connect. No problem is too big or too small for us to schedule a completely free and obligation-free consultation.

Sale Options

There are many options to sell beyond a traditional listing or fast cash sale. We will cover and clarify options including renovations and staging for increased sale price, seller financing, 1031 exchanges and more.

On average we stop 5-7 foreclosures per month. We are foreclosure specialists and will cover all available options whether it results in further business with us or not.

What To Do With Your Property

Inherited a home or have a rental property you’re not sure what to do with? We can simplify and clarify options for ongoing rental income with or without renovations, adding an accessory unit, and more!

No Risk, No Obligation – Why Wait to Call?