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Even if you are not in a hurry to sell your property, there are still several reasons why selling it for cash could be a far better solution that using a real estate agent. They may be doing the heavy lifting, but it will definitely come at a cost because their time and labor are not a free service. CalHomeCo is at the ready as an institution to buy your home for the cash you need. There are a lot of housing deals that fall through for one reason or another. Sometimes it’s a soft housing market and it can take months to find a buyer, or buyers may simply change their mind about purchasing your particular home. In any scenario, it’s migraine-inducing to wait for difficult times to pass when you have an alternate path to selling your home.


No Need for Expensive Repairs 


We will purchase your property as-is. There is no need for you to conduct expensive repairs and maintenance. CalHomeCo Buys Houses that are fixer-uppers or in pristine condition. In either case, it’s a hassle free experience. This means you don’t have to shell out the money that many real estate agents would require to get your home up to snuff for sale. These are the kinds of costs that can be time consuming and suck away your immediate resources. Selling your home to us as-is means you will still receive a competitive offer without the stress of repainting, renovations, new décor and hardware, and other maintenance tasks.

Why Hire Us

There are lots of benefits in selling your home to get cash fast and very few downsides. As a cash buying institution we are fully licensed and insured to buy and sell homes. You can expect professional representatives who understand the real estate market in San Diego, and do their very best to provide you with a quick sale. We are eager to speak with homeowners, whether you have a fixer upper or a pristine condition home for sale. 

We Follow Through on All Offers 

We’ve all heard the disheartening horror stories of what seemed like a firm offer for the purchase of a house, only to hear that the buyer changed their mind. Whether they were not able to secure the payments with a mortgage company or they woke up the next day and decided to keep looking for their dream home, the point is you as the seller now have to start all over again to secure a buyer. A cash sale provides the security that we’re not going to suffer from cold feet or a change of heart at the last minute. We don’t play games, and we ensure that you get your cash fast for the sale of your home. 

No Need for an Agent 

The beauty of a cash sale for your home is you get cash fast by leaving the real estate agent behind. Their commission fees can be a drain on any profit you stand to earn from selling your home. They take a percentage of the sale of your home, and if you are in dire straights this could be a big burden. Selling for cash cuts out the middle man, and you don’t have to bother with complicated agreements from lending agencies or any of the limitations that banks may place on you for receiving the money from the buyer. Selling your home to our institution is a hassle free experience that provides you with cash far faster than dealing with a real estate agent.  

We Deliver Fast Cash For Houses

When you want an easy, fast cash offer for your home, call CalHomeCo. We always strive for the simplest, most straightforward and fair offer possible four your property. As long as there is equity available, we can close as quickly as California law allows (5 days). 

If there is no equity in the property, no problem! We can still buy your home via short sale. A short sale typically takes a few months to complete, as we will need t negotiate with your lender for approval to sell at a price below what is owed on the mortgage. In these scenarios, we still close as quickly as possible, or can also extend closing and allow extra time in the property as needed.

We buy houses San Diego owners no longer want due to pending foreclosures or extensive updates, repairs that are needed, or any other reason. Just call or contact us today and we will be happy to help answer any questions you may have about our process.

You'll find our purchasing process is always transparent and fair. After an evaluation of your property and the needed repairs, we will break down our costs as well as the recent sale prices of comparable homes to show how we arrived at our offer.

Our goal is always to create lifelong clients that will refer business to us in the future and speak highly of our business practices. We are confident that we can create a win win offer for your property that will make you glad you decided to contact us.​For fast delivery of cash for your home, look no further than CalHomeCo.

We purchase multiple properties per month in San Diego, and are always looking for more opportunities to invest in and improve the community. We take rough or unwanted properties and make them beautiful family homes again. Contact us today when you are ready to say, 'sell my house fast San Diego!'

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