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The work of CalHomeCo Buys Houses starts when you pick up the phone to contact us and say the words “sell my house fast in San Diego.” Whether you reach out to us by phone, email, text message, or our social media accounts, selling your home is an efficient and fast process. We are able to move quickly through to each process of selling or buying your home because we are a qualified and experienced cash home buyer. When you call us you can expect us to view your home, conduct research on the market value and make a fair and competitive offer for cash so that you can sell your house fast. There are a great many advantages to selling your home fast for cash that can far outweigh working with a real estate agent.​ If you are currently facing foreclosure on your home, understand the difficult financial position you are likely in. Perhaps your loss of employment or family illness, in addition to a soft under-performingeconomy has created conditions in which your mortgage is drowning you in debt. CalHomeCo offers a fast solution to ending your foreclosure or ending your stress or the maintenance of rental property. Simply give us a call to see the house fast in San Diego. Even if you’re not in dire financial straights, a cash buyer still remains an alternate solution to avoiding paying commission to real estate agents, or the long procedure delays when selling to a buyer using a mortgage lender. Contact us for more information about our institution and processes, and ask us about how to “sell my house in San Diego.” We have readily available representatives to answer your call.