We Buy Houses In Any Condition San Diego

You own a home that could have significant market value and you’re interested in selling. The problem is, from the roof to the ground floor there are countless repairs that need to be made before any normal buyer would be interested. Fortunately, that’s where we come in! We are not your typical buyer. We buy houses San Diego retail buyers don’t want to deal with.

A retail buyer, or ‘end user’, typically wants to purchase a move-in ready home. In the world of retail, ‘move-in ready’ often means a house that has been recently updated with the most modern finishes available, in perfect condition and not needing repairs. Understandably, most homes that have been lived in for any length of time don’t meet this criteria.

Luckily, CalHomeCo doesn’t care what your condition your house is in. We will make a fair offer on your home regardless what repairs or updates may need to be completed. We will never ask you to complete any repairs before closing.


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We Buy Houses in Any Condition

Avoid costly repairs

If you have a leaking roof, your real estate agent could very well suggest that you repair it before putting your home on the market. They may also suggest that you paint your home, groom your landscaping, and repair the leaking faucets and electrical issues. These suggestions have a way of wracking not just costs, but also consuming your time. Just because you make those repairs, it doesn’t mean your expenses will return to you via profit from the sale of your home. This is just one of the reasons why cash sales are popular and why clients turn to our services. With us, your can sell your home as-is while making no repairs, which can save you a great deal money. 

Avoid Inspection Contingencies and Buyers Backing Out 

When you’re dealing with a buyer who is about to purchase your home using a bank loan, it’s likely that you will face some complicated contingency clauses. These clauses are essentially in place to protect the buyer, rather than the seller. There are numerous clauses that you will need to pore over because they will likely void the sale of your home if the buyer’s mortgage lender does not approve the sale, or if your home doesn’t meet the inspection standards of the buyer. These are all challenges that make the sale of your home a maze to navigate, and it gives plenty of leeway for buyers to back out of a sale. Using a cash sale institution is a far better solution for these types of issues.  

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Fast Cash For Your House

Buying or selling a home is a time consuming project that can leave you tearing your hair out. Between real estate agents, mortgage lenders, and banks, there are a lot of officials who will have a hand in how smoothly and quickly your purchase goes. In many cases, this group of people can slow down the prospect of a sale because everything needs to be approved on so many levels. As the buyer you can wait for months before the sale is finally completed. If you’re seeking to sell my house San Diego we are here to provide an alternative pathway to help you avoid making repairs, and get cash fast. 

Why Hire Us 

Whether you are facing the auction of your house because of bankruptcy or foreclosure, or you’ve inherited a property that you just don’t want the headache of keeping, we can make selling your home easy. We are a fully licensed and certified institution that buys houses fast in San Diego, and we are a trusted means of getting cash fast for your home. If you have a property that is in need of repair, stop trying to fix it up and simply give us a call and tell us you want to “sell my house fast.” 

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Once a property is in poor condition, it can be tough to figure a way out and to get ahead of things. There may not be money or time available for repairs, but selling a property in this type of condition to a traditional buyer can be very difficult as well.

Most buyers looking for a home to live in want something move-in ready (meaning clean, updated, sparkling, flawless). Even on the rare occasions that these buyers may be willing to take on a fixer project, a home requiring significant repairs will not qualify for most loans that these buyers need.​

This is where CalHomeCo comes in. We have extensive experience with houses in all stages of disrepair. We can handle anything, from minor renovations and updates all the way to complete tear-down and rebuild projects when faced with extensive damages.​

We are completely transparent with our process. After meeting with you for a visit at your property, we will show you the sale prices of comparable homes in your area and the estimated costs for any needed repairs. Our offer is then calculated based on the adjusted value of the home. From this point, if our offer seems fair to you, we will move forward with closing as quickly as you may need. We will never ask you to complete any repairs yourself, and we don’t ask for price reductions once we’ve established out value. Leave all of the details and the headaches to us, to quickly and easily get cash in hand for your home next week. 

We Buy Houses In Any Condition

We see homes fall into disrepair for many different reasons. Sometimes there may be financial difficulties that make the monthly mortgage payment difficult to cover- if problems pop up with roof leaks, water damage, broken appliances, or other damages these problems can be difficult if not impossible to fix without additional funds.

We also see rental homes fall into rough condition due to tenants simply not taking care of the property or treating their landlord’s property with respect. And in other scenarios there may be a big event causing sudden catastrophic damage to the home, such as a tree falling through the roof or a fire.​