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As a cash buyer, CalHomeCo offers a straightforward and fast option to sell your home. When you’re searching online to “sell my house fast in San Diego,” we are a trusted cash buyer of homes in the region. As such we offer no-hassle, speedy transactions that countless homeowners have found beneficial for fast cash.

This is particularly true for home owners who may need to sell their homes fast as a result of relocation to another region and they need to move fast, or homeowners who are looking down the barrel of a foreclosure. Facing a large debt is stressful enough  without also having to worry about losing your home and taking a 10 year hit on your credit score. With our cash buyer offers, many homeowners face less of a hit to their credit score, instead reducing the time spent with it as a blemish on your report to 7 years with the option to purchase a new home as quickly as 2 years afterward.

These are often big considerations when you want to unburden yourself from a home you can no longer afford. Selling your home is a stressful event that many people say is unmatched by any, other than divorce or the death of a loved one. Through our rapid transactions we have helped countless clients start living a life more free of stress from the sale and purchase of homes.​ 

We are fully licensed and certified as a cash buyer in San Diego, and we sell and buy houses fast in the region.  When you use our institution, we will process the sale of your home far faster than a real estate agent. Not only can you cut out the middle man, but you will also not have to pay them a commission. This means you get the full amount of your cash sale, and you are able to move on with your life free of the burden of a home you no longer want or can afford.